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Help In Time Of Need

Help In Time Of Need

Abuse, abortion, addictions, disaster, forgiveness, gambling, etc.,

Life's Problems

Help With Life's Problems

Anxiety, guilt, revenge, death, fear, etc.,

How To build Godly Character

Compassion, endurance, abundant life, etc.,.

How Do I Have Eternal Life?

Jesus is the only way to the Father. Try Him!

From Former Teacher Of Kundalini Yoga

Download this free digital booklet of the story of Mike Shreve’s spiritual journey from yoga, far eastern mysticism and new age spirituality to the joy of being a follower of Jesus. Share it with a friend who is seeking truth.

Comparing World Religions – Seeking The True Light

We love the truth and have a special love for those who are seeking the truth, regardless of your religion or type of spirituality. Through the articles and videos, our intention is to build a bridge that will enable you to achieve your goal and reach the other side. Ultimate truth is awaiting you. It’s not a religion; it’s a real relationship with God. As you step the direction of this “bridge,” you are probably asking yourself “three big questions”–see if you agree what those questions are…

Why Choose Jesus Christ

Eternal Life

John 10:27-28


Ephesians 1:7


1 John 1:9


1 Peter 2:9

Meeting New Friends Of Faith

Are you desiring to meet new online and local friends who have discovered their new life and identity in Christ and to learn more about God and Jesus? If so, then Christian Network is the answer for that. Join today!

Are you ready to start a new life?

The Bible says your life is but a mere vapor. There is no time like today to call upon the Lord while He is near. He loves you!